... had a dark childhood because she spent it in dark cinemas watching a lot of films.

She grew up on the International Film Festival and had a chance to watch different films every day through many years.

That’s how one day she decided to be behind the screen and later had successfully graduated from a film school as a director.

Since 2003 she made couple of short films and one TV feature film, number of commercials.

For almost 15 years Maria was working as a 1st AD on many international productions including films and commercials, which gave her a lot of unforgettable experiences and lessons.

Now she mostly dedicates her time shooting commercials for different clients and countries.

Heinz Ketchup

Deep Relief

Abdi "Stapler"

Abdi "Registrator"

Abdi "Pen"

"Paradise Place" Promo

Tetra Pack "O Moloke"

Abdi "Plasticine"

Abdi "Backpack"

Laktovit Forte

Animation: Dmytro Lisenbart

Rakhat Chocolate"Feelings"

Eco World

Vodniy Mir “Banzai”

Danone Bio Balance


Danone Activia «Rumbling»


Transport Communication"Cars"

Danone Activia «Bloating»


Danone Activia Classic


Kievstar Winners 1


Transport Communication"People"

Kievstar Winners 2


Millennium Christmas «Boy»


Polyana Vodka


Rakhmet Tea




Livolin Forte


Millennium Christmas «Kids»


Millennium Chocolate «Football»


Millennium Christmas «Girl»


Forest Gump


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