... had a dark childhood because she spent it in dark cinemas watching a lot of films.

She grew up on the International Film Festival and had a chance to watch different films every day through many years.

That’s how one day she decided to be behind the screen and later had successfully graduated from a film school as a director.

Since 2003 she made couple of short films and one TV feature film, number of commercials.

For almost 15 years Maria was working as a 1st AD on many international productions including films and commercials, which gave her a lot of unforgettable experiences and lessons.

Now she mostly dedicates her time shooting commercials for different clients and countries.

Abdi "Plasticine"

Abdi "Pen"

Abdi "Backpack"

Laktovit Forte

Animation: Dmytro Lisenbart

Rakhat Chocolate"Feelings"

Eco World

Vodniy Mir “Banzai”

Danone Bio Balance


Danone Activia «Rumbling»


Transport Communication"Cars"

Danone Activia «Bloating»


Danone Activia Classic


Kievstar Winners 1


Transport Communication"People"

Kievstar Winners 2


Millennium Christmas «Boy»


Polyana Vodka


Rakhmet Tea




Livolin Forte


Millennium Christmas «Kids»


Millennium Chocolate «Football»


Millennium Christmas «Girl»


Forest Gump


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